What You Need to Know About Electronic Air Cleaners

Does the air in your home feel or smell stuffy all the time, no matter how often you clean?

Questions to Ask When You Choose an HVAC System

A heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is one of the most important investments you'll make for your home.

Noon Notebook: Center for Advanced Spine Care

Dr. Lewandrowski from the Center for Advanced Spine Care in Tucson joins us for Noon Notebook to talk about how to manage pain and discomfort in your back or spine. Watch the interview above.

Inpatient or outpatient, which is the right program for you?

Millions of Americans face the challenges of substance abuse – a fact highlighted by the current opioid epidemic.

Examining the Benefits of Home Humidifiers

Home humidifiers make it easier to regulate the level of moisture in the air inside of your home.

Off-Grid Solar Services in Arizona

One of the biggest reasons to make the leap and switch to using clean energy to operate your home or business is to regain your independence from the energy companies.

Top Tips To Organize Your Restaurant’s Walk-In Cooler

As businesses that work with perishable inventory, restaurants must follow a well-designed organizational system for their commercial refrigeration units.

Why Ice Is Such a Big Deal in Bars

The quality of your ice might not be a huge deal at a barbecue in your backyard, but when you run a bar, you have to be much more concerned with your ice situation.

How to Stage an Intervention – The Complete Guide

Addiction can be a scary thing to deal with and sadly, drug and alcohol addictions don't just affect the abuser.

Surprising Things That are Forcing Your AC to Work Harder

Central air conditioning units always seem to break down at the worst possible times — right in the midst of a scorching heat wave.

Did you know there is a solar tax credit in Arizona?

Solar Tax Credit in Arizona One of the unique things about the state of Arizona is the solar tax credit that the residents have access to.

Is Your Dream Home Energy Efficient? Here’s how to know

One of the perks of building your own custom home is that you can make it as efficient as possible, but you have to know how.

Exploring benefits of changing your AC filter

Air conditioning is a must-have for homes and businesses in Tucson. Without a properly functioning air conditioner, you will have no protection against the desert's heat.

NOON NOTEBOOK: How to tell if your jewelry is real

We're helping you get the most for your valuables. To do that, we were joined with Robert Chorost, owner of Precious Metals Refinery.

NOON NOTEBOOK: Protecting your home with Crime Guard

Mike Newton, general manager at Crime Guard, can help you protect your loved ones and property.

  Mine near Green Valley cleaning up after dust complaints

The dust was coming from the Freeport-McMoRan Sierrita mine.

eegee’s sold to national investment firm that says expansion on the way

eegee’s, a Tucson institution, has been sold to a national investment firm that has plans to expand.

Nation’s largest mattress retailer files for bankruptcy

Mattress Firm, Inc., the nation's largest mattress retailer, is filing for bankruptcy protection and plans to close up to 700 stores around the country

Popular housing program returns to Tucson

The popular Pathway to Purchase housing program will once again be offered in southern Arizona.

Rialto Theatre approaches $1 million fund-raising goal

Rialto Theatre approaches $1 million fund-raising goal


  Mega Millions jackpot grows to $1.6 billion after nobody won Friday’s drawing

99th annual Tucson Veterans Day parade

Calling all veterans, family members and the general public - Tucson is holding it's 99th annual Veterans Day parade on Monday, Nov. 12. This year's theme is "Celebration of Armistice Day".